Korean Culture Center

September 15, 2018 Los Angeles, CA

Connect-A-Kid, in partnership with the Korean Consulate General, hosted a day of fun and education for transracial adopted kids and families at the Korean Cultural Center. During the event there was a special seminar on the topic of birth search for parents and interested adoptees. The event was free and open to all transracial adoptees.

The special speaker was Professor Keon-Su Lee. Mr. Lee is currently a professor at the Department of Police at Baeksuk Univeristy in South Korea, where he helps find missing persons and reunite families. Most recently, he was the team leader of the “Long Term Missing Persons Tracking Department” in the 182 Missing Children with the Korean National Police Agency. He won the Blue Dragon Service Prize for his spirit of public service in 2010. He started helping find missing persons in February 2002, with the Public Service Division of Namyangju Police State ok Kyeonggi Province.

The birth search is an integral part of an adopted child’s identity journey. This is a deep and very emotional journey for a child. This seminar will help adoptive parents understand what the child may go through and present resources to help them on this journey. “Individuals and families can be separated for various reasons in Korea, including separation from the Korean War, poverty during the industrailization fo the 60’s and 70’s, personal reasons such as single parenting or divorce, crime, overseas adoption, and accidental separation.”

The day was full of fun activities for kids, including a Korean Cultural Center Tour (including the KPOP museum), a scavenger hunt with prizes, folk play and games (Korean games: Tuho and Jegichagi), videos, a Hanbok experience and traditional folk painting.

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