Who We Are

Connect-A-Kid takes pride in the mentorship program they have created and believe that it could not have been accomplished without the strong friendships you see reflected on the board, the leadership team, and within the group of mentors, we have across the nation. Connect-A-Kid is more than an organization, it is a family.

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Become A Mentor

Getting Involved

There are many ways to support adoptees & being part of a team mentoring program for other adoptees is a great way to support our mission.

The single biggest reason to volunteer for Connect-A-Kid is to provide a resource you may never of had growing up.

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  • Introduction to Connect-A-Kid

    An introductory video on Connect-A-Kid. Brian Conyer and his team feel it is vital to provide adopted kids with a safe and monitored mentorship program. We hosted a one day event in San Pedro with the Los Angeles Fire Department.

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  • Recent Events

    Connect-A-Kid recently hosted a new event called “You Are What You Eat: Exploring Identity Through Korean Culture and Cooking.” Hosted with the help of chefs and volunteers from the Korean American Food and Culture Association, adult and children adoptees were able to learn about food in Korean culture and try their hand at cooking some traditional foods like tteokbokki (rice cakes), bulgogi, and various side dishes.

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Connect-A-Kid hosts a variety of events for both children and adult adoptees, including cooking classes, citizenship seminars, and webinars.